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We build your crypto 
assets portfolio and optimize your investment returns.

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Get started with crypto investing

Business Consultation

Step 1


Investor suitability is determined through a 1-on-1 consultation


Step 2

Investment Agreement

Once there is a match between Investor expectations and the Firm's services, an IA is signed

Online Shopping

Step 3

Upload Funds

Investor onboards fiat funds and Neel Capital makes asset allocation


Step 4

Annual Return

After 12 months, the first annual returns are distributed to Investor

Why Choose Us


Low investment minimum, competitive pricing, zero management fees until 31 December 2022.

Secure Storage

Crypto assets are either held in cold storage or staked within non-custodial wallets, the safest ways to store crypto assets.

Personalized Solutions

Targeted Returns

Annual Redemption

Investor Education

Crypto investing is complex and requires a period of acclimatization and learning. We commit to the crypto education of our investor-base.

“Computer science gives you far more leverage to change the world than any other study in our age.”

- Nick Szabo

Computer Scientist, Legal Scholar, Cryptographer, Historian

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