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We are a return-focused cryptoasset investment firm that combines fundamental analysis with an active management approach. 

Welcome to Neel Capital

Our investment thesis is based on centralized (one-to-many) legacy finance structures giving way to decentralized (many-to-many) blockchain-based systems. We saw how software ate every other industry over the past decade. The next decade will likely see web3 blockchain protocols disrupt fintech and legacy finance.


Crypto markets are at a relatively nascent, high-growth stage, with significant opportunities for alpha-generation. This will not be the case a few years from now as this market matures and growth plateaus out. Coupled with one of the major trends this decade, that of inflation, investing in crypto becomes almost a necessity for a family office or HNW portfolio.

Here at Neel Capital, we wet our feet in early 2020 and have since dived into the deep end. Over the last two years, we have studied the ins-and-outs of cryptocurrency and DeFi investing. We combined our experience in crypto with 15 years of traditional finance investment experience and our focus on fundamental analysis, to create significant wins. 

This brings us to our mission. We want to help you navigate the digital assets space. We hope to be your asset manager as we help you achieve your crypto investment objectives. If you are new to crypto investing and wondering how to get started, reach out to us for a one-on-one consultation. We are here to address your questions and concerns.

Extensive Investment Experience

Our founder brings 15 years of experience, having raised >$3B in debt and equity project funding for high-profile oil & gas projects. She previously worked in capital restructuring, private equity, asset management, and more recently achieved two years of solid returns within cryptoassets.

No Return, No Fees

Our golden rule is: we make money after our investors make money. This means our carry fees are only applicable when we have earned returns for you, not before. Our investors take the first 20% before profit-share kicks in.

Annual Distributions

We annually distribute your investment profits, at a rate you choose. However, reinvesting larger amounts allows your cryptoassets to continue growing from a larger base, giving you the benefit of compounded returns upon final liquidation.

Best Security Practices

Crypto investing is complex, with phishing, hacks, malware and online scammers frequently preying on new investors, which can lead to loss of funds. We utilize best security practices when dealing with investor funds, including extensive use of cold storage, the most secure form of storing crypto.

Active Management

Crypto markets are dynamic. Our investors have busy lives building their own wealth, which is why we take the time-consuming job of monitoring market dynamics and volatility, and responding where appropriate, to maximize our clients' portfolio value.

Primed for 2024-25

Our four year investment horizon is designed to put you in VIP seats for the next major cryptocurrency / Bitcoin bull market, which occurs approx. 6 - 12 months after each Bitcoin halving. The next Bitcoin halving is set to occur in March 2024.

Targeted Return

Bitcoin is the best performing asset of all time (& the previous decade) which is why we set Bitcoin as our benchmark over our investment horizon. We invest in the most fundamentally sound use-case projects that disrupt a traditional finance function, taking a long-term perspective.

Zero Management Fees 

As a gesture of appreciation to our investors who put their faith in us in year one of operations, we will waive the 1% p.a. management fees for the full 4-year investment horizon when subscription date precedes 31 December 2022.

Investor Education

The continuous education of our investor base is our priority during their time with us. At the end of our investment horizon, we aim for our clients to be well-versed in privacy practices, secure self-custody and secure spending of their cryptoassets.

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