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Founder, CEO

Namrata brings 15 years of diversified investment experience to Neel Capital, having previously worked in various roles in the energy space across M&A, corporate and project finance, private equity, asset management, FID, and strategy. She has spent a significant part of her career in Middle East sovereign wealth funds. 

She began her crypto and DeFi investing journey in early 2020, after going down the Bitcoin Rabbit Hole. After extensive research, she went all-in. Soon her interest in blockchain and decentralized tech turned to passion. She noticed that there was very little awareness about the discipline in the traditional finance space. As she studied further, her understanding evolved to see this technology as a once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon.

In late 2021, she founded Neel Capital to help others: A) understand blockchain technology and its potential, B) hedge against inflation in a sustainable + emerging asset class, and C) generate & securely store wealth.

Namrata holds a Bachelor's in Management Information Systems from the University of Georgia (Athens, GA) and a Masters in Business Administration from Carlos III University (Madrid). She passed CFA Level 2 in 2018.

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